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20-09-2009 - SCHRIEK (B) - Clubmatch of the Belgian Club for Akita's and other related Japanese breeds


Judge : Mrs C. Muldoon (IRL)

ONLY 13 akita's entered!!!

1 Veteran and 3 dogs from Germany and the UK... Where are all the other belgian breeders with their Akita's??? Afraid to loose???



Chansu (22 months): 2 Ex. - Open class


Dosshiri (12 months) : 1 Ex. - BEST YOUTH - 4th BIS


Haruka (5 months) : 1VP - BEST BABY - 3rd BIS

Well done baby! You are really competitive minded!


Thanks a lot Maria and Bianca for the nice pictures of my beautiful dogs and congratulations with the CAC of your Hakubi!