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27-09-2009 - Maastricht (NL) - INTERNATIONAL DOGSHOW


Judge : Mrs A. Gielisse (NL)


I couldn't imagine a better present for my birthday today!

Our 3 dogs dogs won again! And how!

It's a pitty that I can't go to dogshows anymore for the moment because of the problems with my knee, but... after surgery within a few weeks everything will be OK!



Chansu (22 months): 1Ex.- Intermediate Class - CAC - CACIB

Well done my big beautiful boy!


Dosshiri (12 months): 1 EX. - BEST YOUTH - CAC YOUTH AND RCAC

My little princess was as always very gracious today...


Haruka (5 months): 1VP - BEST BABY - 5th BIS/25 babies

My little devil... she jumps into the ring and does her job as if she's doing it for many years! She's just enjoying herself!

Comment from the judge:

Very solid baby with great temperament, already shows as a good example and hope that it will continue this way, brilliant head and expression, perfect ears, beautiful lips, excellent teeth, proud neck, very nice tale, very good bones and very good feet.

Taking the age into consideration, already excellent movement and a very nice example of a breed-typical akita !